Extend/Change Status

Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status

Your may submit the application for extension of stay or change of status before your current authorized stay expires. We suggest you flie at least 45 days before your stay expires or as soon as you determine your need to change or extend status. 

Example for change of status: B1/B2 Visa change to F-1 Student Visa.

Example for extension: Extend B1/B2 Visa for another 6 months

Who may file extension or change of status?

  1. A, Ambassador, Public Minister, or Career Diplomatic or Consula Officer and Their Immediate Family Members.
  2. A-2, Attendant or Servant of an A Nonimmigrant and the A-3's Immediate Family Members.
  3. B-1, Vistor for Business, or B-2, Visitor for Pleasure
  4. Dependents (CW-2) of a CW-1 Transittional Worker
  5. Dependents of a Principal E Nonimmigrant
  6. F-1, Academic Student
  7. G, Designated Principal Resident Representative of a Foreign Government and His or Her Immediate Family Members
  8. G-5, Attendent or Servant of a G Nonimmigrant and the G-5's Immediate Family Members
  9. Dependents (H-4) of an H, Temporary Worker
  10. I, Representatives of Foreign Media and Dependents
  11. J-1, Exchange Visitor
  12. Dependents (L-2) of an L, Intracompany Transferee
  13. M-1, Vocational or Non-Academic Student
  14. Dependents (O-3) of an O, Alien of Extraordinary Ability or Achievement
  15. Dependents (P-4) of a P, Artist, Athlete, or Entertainer
  16. Dependents (R-2) of an R, Religious Worker
  17. Dependents (TD) of a TN, Canadian or Mexican Professional
  18. T Nonimmigrants
  19. T Derivative Nonimmigrants
  20. U Nonimmigrants
  21. U Derivative Nonimmigrants
  22. V, Spouse or Child of a Lawful Permanent Resident